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Monika Rebeca Page
About the author...

Who is Monika Rebeca Page?

he was born in Caracas, Venezuela as Monika Rebeca Kwant and moved in her early years to the United States, where she attended High school in Florida, and later, Ithaca College in New York. In her early years as a writer, she published some work in local newspapers and ventured on writing short stories, but she never dared to dream to write a book. During the course of her study, she moved to The Netherlands. She was after all a daughter of Dutch immigrants. Having trouble adjusting, she focussed on acquiring her Masters in Business Administration and started working like everyone else. However, recently she rediscovered her love for writing and found the courage to proceed with her dream. Thus, All Is Not What It Seems, is not only a compelling story, but a dream come true. She is presently writing her second novel, another romantic story with a twist, and she’s hoping to have it published by the end of 2012.
Cabin Rentals in North Carolina...

During my stay in the Smoky Mountains for research purposes, I came across a friendly couple who own vacation homes in Bryson City, near Fontana Lake, North Carolina. They were such sweethearts. They made my stay extra special. They own four different cabins, each with their own character. To get an impression of these cabins, click on their names below. You can book these cabins for an unforgettable vacation in the Smoky Mountains from Carolina Mountain Vacations (1-877-488-7501).

Your vacation getaway can start with:
Eagle’s Nest - for max 4 guests

Eagle’s View - for max 6 guests
Lake View - for max 4 guests
Ridgetop Lodge - for 12 guests 
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